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Daren Martin International Speaker Video

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The Tale of three Coaches

coches The Tale of Three Coaches Barking orders, telling people what to do, and forcing initiatives is a perfectly good way to destroy a company. It saps morale, reduces employee engagement, and stifles ownership. This book started off as a teaching tale I shared at companies after witnessing a repeated inability of a top down command and control management style to drive performance at companies. This fable points to a dramatically different strategy of inclusion, collaboration, and teaming.


Success Stories

Growth Strategies

Dr. Daren Martin International Speaker Business CoachGrow or die! Those words have never been more true. Your business will not grow itself. It requires focused strategic thinking and actions. Developing new ways to get new growth and expand your reach is what I thrive on. “Fish discover water last.” You will be surprised how an outside educated perspective can help you grow!
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Culture Building

reinvent business cultureYour company has a culture. Does your culture help or hurt your business? Your company culture determines your success. It Impacts customer experience, innovation, efficiency, retention, everything! As a Culture Architect I can help you build a culture that drives your company.
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Driving Change

driving changeThe world as you know it is over. If you are not reinventing your business you risk irrelevance and extinction. The digital age is here. The global economy is expanding. Changes driven by the maturing of the internet are accelerating at a dizzying pace. The good news? We are living in the Wild West! The opportunities are tremendous! I can help you scope, plan and drive meaningful change in your company.
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Client Reviews

  • Daren is an excellent communicator who has a knack for connecting with his audience.  His teachings delivered immediate benefit to the way we deliver projects.

    Dave Harve
    Dave HarveDirector, Southwest Airlines
  • After spending 3 days with Daren, our executive team is laser focused on the tasks at hand.  He was able to turn what seemed to be overwhelming obstacles, into what we now see as extremely manageable tasks.  He has the rare talent of being a visionary, while more importantly keeping reality in check.  We now have the ability to clearly see things that were nothing more than blurry visions just a few weeks ago.

    Kelly Foy
    Kelly FoyChief Executive Officer, Elite Meetings International, Inc.
  • Daren delivers quantitative results to businesses looking to improve productivity and morale. Daren has a great understanding of client needs, the competitive landscape and how to enact real change to positively affect a company’s bottom line. I highly endorse Daren to any organization looking to take themselves to the next level of performance.

     Pat Parsi
    Pat ParsiPresident and Founder, Billy Jealousy, LLC
  • Daren has world-class facilitation skills. He rapidly developed a sense of intimacy with a roomful of very experienced, and highly skeptical sales people.

    Jack Keenan
    Jack KeenanFounder and President, Jack B. Keenan, Inc.
  • I would put your class up there with the first time I read the 7 Habits in terms of having an impact on my thinking. I’ll be digesting these principles for many years!

    Jeremy Meadows
    Jeremy MeadowsSr. Risk Analyst, Alliance Data
  • I’ve seen us struggle with our mission and mantra for 16 years. Within a single morning session, Daren was able to facilitate us through the abyss by architecting a framework for who we are, both internally, and to the world.

    Jeff Wilson
    Jeff Wilson PhD, Founder, The Alliance
  • Daren facilitated the meeting, and I was honestly blown away by his performance.  I have seen hundreds of facilitated sessions, Daren is among the top 3 facilitators that I have ever seen.

    Nellson Burns
    Nellson BurnsV.P. of IT, Holly Corporation
  • We owe much of our new marketing program, the profile of our members, the cohesiveness of the Team and general enthusiasm to Daren.

    Jan Richey
    Jan RicheyKeller Williams
  • Consulting with Daren is the best investment we ever made.

    Fred Hammond
    Fred HammondNational Sales Director, Philips Lighting Company
  • Daren’s class was certainly inspirational, but much more importantly it educated me with a set of innovative, functional and personally relevant concepts.  Much of the information I learned in Dr. Martin’s class was immediately applied to directly influence the improvement of my business.

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